Why Quality Service is DelayPay’s Number One Rule

Written by Kelsey Miller

Dwain and I recently headed to Sea Lake for a planning session at the Royal Mail Hotel – it’s funny how a change of surroundings can help clear your thoughts and offer a different perspective. 

For those who haven’t spent much time in the Mallee, the Royal Mail Hotel is a great story in its own right. Only two years ago it was boarded up and the impact on the regional community was profound. When a regional town loses an iconic local establishment, it’s difficult to recover from.

Fortunately for Sea Lake, a group of over 40 locals decided to do something about it. They combined a passion for the town with much needed cash, and as a result Sea Lake has a great pub (and tourist attraction), that the community can be really proud of. 

Now, cash and some funky new décor isn’t enough to make a country pub shine – even one with the charm of the Royal Mail. It occurred to me as we were working that while I loved the history of the building and the great old balcony that we ran our planning session on, it was the people running the place that made the world of difference.

From the great food (the pork was amazing!) and top service from the group of young restaurateurs in the dining room, to the manager with her family of teenagers helping out around the place, you could tell this hotel really meant something to the people who worked there and the locals we ran into. They didn’t have to say anything – it came through in the way they looked after us.

In a world where tech is always making our life easier, we’ve come to expect consistently great experiences from our technology.  This leaves the opportunity for tech businesses to use service to exceed those expectations and leave a lasting impression. 

I have been to many country pubs and I am not the first to suggest that service is critical to running a good business. My point of clarity at Sea Lake was simply that great service makes you feel good as a customer, and when you feel good about something, there’s a high chance you’ll go back again. 

It’s easy to lose sight of something this simple when plotting your next great tech conquest –  lucky for Dwain and I, our time at Sea Lake reminded us of DelayPay’s Number One Rule: service is king!

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