Time to get on with it...

Written by Kelsey Miller.

Most of the time I find writing pleasurable, sometimes even energising. If I’m honest, over the last month I have found the thought of writing a blog suffocating.

On reflection maybe this shouldn’t surprise me. I think like many people the last month has been all about the basics in life. The things that often divert my thinking, such as fishing or a feed at my favourite pizza place, have been replaced with focus on things like the health of my family, the ability to generate an income and the well-being of my friends. 

After more than a month of riding the waves of COVID -19 I am just starting to adjust to this new normal. My rising level of comfort I think in part comes from an adjustment to living with a higher degree of uncertainty, but just as importantly, has been a few interactions over the past week or so that give me a rising sense of optimism.

Firstly, DelayPay is still open for business. Not only that, the lead into Easter was the busiest two weeks we have had all year and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Secondly, I have had more approaches from financial service businesses looking to help us with funding or support in raising capital in the last three weeks than I have seen in six months. Funnily enough, all of them are saying the same thing: Ag is the place to be right now.   

Finally, it keeps raining – and with rain comes confidence in Ag, even in the middle of a pandemic.  

My last point is the one I feel most strongly about: no Ag business can hope to predict the markets with any certainty right now. Who knows whether Ag commodity prices will go up or down over the next 6 to 12 months due to the impact of COVID -19? What is clear to me is that most of the Ag businesses I work with have decided to keep it simple and get on with it. 

So, it's time for me to continue with getting back to the basics (especially since I can't go fishing). Just like the businesses I am working with every day, I need to get on with it and make sure that DelayPay continues to do its thing, including me getting back to writing my blog!

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