The WHY of DelayPay

Written by Kelsey Miller

In this article, DelayPay co-founder Kelsey Miller discusses why he started the business and his passion for helping Australian farmers. 

It's a well-used statement, but I believe it holds true, "one of the biggest issues facing small businesses is cashflow". In Ag, this is even more so the case, due to the lumpy nature of cashflow.

When Dwain and I first met, we instantly got talking about the issues facing the Ag sector. He was adamant this issue of cashflow was becoming bigger and bigger, especially for businesses who were looking to take on new opportunities that required a quick investment before a return could be locked away.

After spending 12 years in banking, I was no stranger to this. It’s no secret that it’s harder than ever in many business sectors to access funds, especially if you need it quickly. I had seen first-hand the endless paperwork and angst that time-poor small businesses needed to go through to access short term funding.

So at that first meeting, Dwain and I landed on common ground: we both felt it was far harder than it should be for Ag businesses to buy the things they need when they need them, and have the time to make a return before they paid them off.

We decided to join forces: with my financial service knowledge and Dwain’s deep understanding of trading in the Ag space, we managed to put DelayPay into market - only 6 weeks after starting the concept.

Twelve months on, we have learnt a lot about this business. My two biggest take away’s to date are how vital service and industry knowledge is when it comes to enabling small businesses to execute something quickly, and how significant an impact 180 days can have on the ability of a business to take on a new opportunity. 

Undoubtedly, the highlight for me has been the number of conversations I've had with our customers on the positive impact DelayPay has had on their businesses. I look forward to hearing plenty more, and I am pleased that an idea that Dwain and I had after an animated chat one year ago is making a difference in the world of Australian Ag.

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