Introducing DelayPay - the new way to top up your cashflow

Are you looking for greater flexibility with your cashflow - but don’t want to deal with the hassle and capital tie that going to your bank brings? Introducing DelayPay - the new way to unlock your cashflow potential and buy what you need, when you need it. 

So what is it exactly that DelayPay does?

DelayPay makes it easy for you to purchase the agricultural goods you need, when you need them. Whether you’re looking to stock up on supplies when the price is right, or you want to plan ahead for that big purchase, DelayPay keeps things simple. 

When you contact DelayPay, you’ll get your credit limit approved in as little as 48 hours so you can get on and purchase the goods you need.  There’s no lengthy forms to fill out or intrusive questions to answer, all DelayPay needs is your ABN, trading name and license copy.

With DelayPay you receive your goods and your supplier gets paid - all within days. DelayPay makes the payment terms work for you, you can pay as often as you like, when you like - with up to six months to pay.

DelayPay works with you, and your supplier, every step of the way to always keep your business moving forward. As the DelayPay team are experts in farming, you receive one on one personalised support from people who care about your business, and your goals. 

Have a chat with Dwain or Kelsey today to find out how they can help you get ahead!

Dwain: 0427011900

Kelsey: 0409117730

Why DelayPay

Less paperwork

Less risk

More opportunity.