Case Study: Adam Gardiner

Adam is one half of Gardiner Bros Farms, a 12,000 acre operation that sits just west of Deniliquin in the grand NSW Riverina region.

Working alongside brother Peter on their broadacre property, together they run their family hay business.

“We’ve always known hay. Grew up doing hay with the old man back in Echuca. Came up here and got into it after a while. Peter does most of the selling and looks after the social media side and all that.”

Hay is the brother’s bread and butter. Adam values the relationships he’s built with his existing customers, and is always looking to increase his customer base.

He knows how challenging it can be for his customers to access feed for their livestock, when they need it, in the drought.

“There’s unreliability in the hay game, you can be big on supply or demand and just go from one extreme to the other. It can be all demand or none at all.”

Cashflow is often the main problem for Adam’s customers, and he gets that better than anyone. Cashflow helped him build his 20,000 bale storage facility, and he knows it means his customers can buy his hay, when they need it.

“A lot of livestock producers try to buy up enough to carry over in the drought. We can lock in a price and give ‘em enough for 12 months, what with the storage all taken care of.”

Adam’s biggest risk as a seller is not getting paid.

“Some first time buyers will ask us for 14 or 30 day terms; we don’t know them. Right there’s the risk of losing out on the money, or losing a sale altogether.”

So when a new hay buyer came to Adam and said he had gone to DelayPay, who had his payment all ready to go, understandably Adam thought it all sounded a bit shady at first!

“First impressions- never heard of it. I’m thinking it’s probably a bit dodgy and I’ll end up getting whacked 20% interest or something!”

A phone call from Dwain at DelayPay changed all that.

“Dwain had organised everything for the buyer, and explained DelayPay secured payment. The buyer had given him their trading name, ABN and a copy of their licence. That was it, we were right to go, no worries. Dwain sent me an email for my electronic signature and I got a RCTI. Money was in our account in a couple of days, no worries.”

Adam says it was the on-call support Dwain offered, and his direct approach in talking over the phone, that really did it for him.

“It was all over the phone with Dwain. It was just no worries at all- didn’t have to print anything, go to the post office, didn’t have any issues.”

After his experience with DelayPay, Adam says he wouldn’t mind using the service himself  as a seller next time.

“If we’ve got some people we don’t know- yeah I wouldn’t mind. We’d have to pay 2% of the deal, but DelayPay secures the payment. We’d know we were all good getting the money, not 100% of nothing!”

“I don’t think there’s anyone in the hay game that offers terms like DelayPay.”

“You go to the bank and you gotta tell ‘em what you had for breakfast. Here, there’s not that capital tie- it’s less intrusive and just makes the job a whole lot better.”

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